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My Bio

born, spent 44 years living in Great Yarmouth, Hatfield, Cambridge. Not very well travelled at all....Spain, France and Sri Lanka

My Occupation

I'm part of the IT crowd. Currently dealing with technical quality assurance, if someone works it out can they please tell me ?!?

My Hobbies

Top bands over a lifetime .....
u2, the jam, the kinks, the who, paul weller, blur, pulp, undertones, martyn joseph, radiohead, bob dylan , sex pistols , bill nelson ,
recently ......
arcade fire, jarvis cocker, air traffic, the pigeon detectives, the wombats, sigur ros, snow patrol
quite a few.....
Doctor Who ( old and new, the sets never wobbled I tell you! ), Star Trek original / next generation / deep space nine , Twin Peaks , Futurama , Beiderbecke , Heroes ,
babylon 5, life on mars, inspector morse, sherlock holmes,

and lots of tv comedy ~ python, fast show, red dwarf, taking over the asylum, The Peter Serafinowicz Show, spaced, black books, not going out, anything with Chris Morris or Simon Pegg in it

currently top of many favourite films ~
1. Usual Suspects / The Dark Knight
2. Lord of the Rings trilogy
3. Donnie Darko
4. Pans Labrynth
5. Memento
6. The Shawshank Redemption
7. Batman Begins
8. Princess Monohoke
9. Hot Fuzz
10. Apollo 13

'Take something that you love, tell people about it, bring together people who share your love, and help make it better. Ultimately, you'll have more of whatever you love for yourself and for the world.' - Julius Schwartz - President of DC Comics - 1915 - 2004

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